Thank you to everyone who responded to the UniTech Services Group 2016 Customer and Stakeholder Survey. Your feedback will help us better serve your needs.

Two-thirds of those who submitted survey responses stated that cost management is one of their greatest operational challenges. Our products and services assure that nuclear facilities can exceed their cost reduction goals, which are more important now than ever.

Roughly 48 percent of respondents said UniTech’s value is “excellent,” and another 46 percent said UniTech’s value is “good.” We have added value to our capabilities with our acquisition of the Oak Ridge Service Center (see article in this issue) and with our commitment to the industry’s best apparel, tool and metal monitoring and decontamination, safety products, and more.

Nearly two-thirds of current customers graded UniTech as “excellent” in terms of dependability, a strong indicator that these customers will count on UniTech’s services for years to come. Survey respondents wanted to learn more about a range of services and products. Close to 90 percent of survey respondents said we communicate our product and service information effectively. Of course, we are always looking to improve. Please continue to reach out for any information or support. We encourage you to provide feedback to your UniTech account manager as well.