Versaflo™ Respirator Program Addresses Quality Assurance

You may have read this issue’s article about respirator management.

Specifically, UniTech has partnered with 3M™ to provide the nuclear  industry with the 3M Versaflo PAPR System. Customers can purchase the wide range of Versaflo products including the TR-300 Powered Air Purifying Respirator, and headgear options ranging from lightweight hoods to industrial helmets, including welding helmets. In conjunction with 3M, UniTech offers an expanding range of services. UniTech’s two options to process used Versaflo components both address quality assurance needs. UniTech can provide trained technicians to process customers’ Versaflo components onsite, or provide the service at any of UniTech’s U.S. or European laundry facilities. Processing services include decontamination, disinfecting, contamination monitoring, filter changes, and any component replacement or repair.

UniTech can provide the same complete training program for customers that we provide for our own employees. Please contact your UniTech Manager, Technical Accounts to learn more.