We’re proud of our emergency response to the pandemic and its impact on the U.S. nuclear industry. Without pause, UniTech delivered much-needed products to customers that were in short supply around the world. 

How did we act so quickly? Our best-in-industry, world-class ability to source quality products — which has long been a company strength — enables our team to be creative problem solvers when unanticipated emergencies impact nuclear plant operations. 

“Our customers come to us for anything and everything. They trust UniTech as the nuclear industry’s one-stop shop for products. From vital PPE to promotional items and everything else in-between — we’ve sourced it,” said UniTech Director of Supply Services Vic Crusselle. “The manufacturing expertise we have in global sourcing, combined with our established worldwide sourcing network, allows us to respond to any situation.” 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, UniTech has supported the rollout of effective nuclear plant safety protocols by supplying the following: 

  • Sani-Sol, our FDA-approved hand sanitizer available in packages of four one-gallon containers.
  • Reusable face masks (among the first to market), manufactured from our patented ProTech Plus® fabric designed for longevity, optimal protection, and comfort.
  • Industrial-use KN95 face masks, and CRUDEMASK, a flame resistance face mask appropriate for viral protection.
  • Leading multi-surface disinfectants proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of sickness-causing bacteria and viruses in seconds.
  • An extensive catalog of cleaning and sanitation products, including customizable wellness and sanitation stations for easy installation in each nuclear plant.
  • An extensive catalog of safety protocol signage (also customizable), ranging from posters detailing hygienic procedures, to floor decals indicating necessary social distancing, to A-frame signage for directing foot traffic.
  • Signs, banners, and labels messaging facility vaccination requirements.

“Our sourcing ability also allowed us to partner with fellow UniFirst subsidiary, UniClean, to provide face masks to pharmaceutical companies developing vaccines in cleanroom environments,” noted UniTech Corporate Purchasing Manager Jeff Landine. “UniTech is a company of creative problem solvers. That’s the role we serve for our nuclear industry customers, and beyond.” 

A steady supply of PPE, disinfecting products, signage, and other pandemic preparedness items are still available. Learn more about UniTech’s pandemic solutions at UniTechUS.com/resource-library-pandemic-solutions.