UniTech continuously incorporates new solutions into its tool and metal monitoring and decontamination service to offer customers best value. Choosing UniTech can mean up to millions of dollars in savings, fleet-wide.UniTech engineered and designed the ChemClean process as a solution to a critical industry need. The ChemClean process was designed to meet the unique decontamination challenges of guide sleeves, shield plugs, VRS air handling systems, and various large and small components. The ChemClean process is ideal for all tough-to-decontaminate components. ChemClean is scheduled to be fully operational for the fall 2017 outage season.

ChemClean utilizes multiple acids and dispersants through a programmable chemical injection system. Temperature is selectable based on material needs to optimize decontamination. All off gas is processed through a chemical scrubber. Each ChemClean Acid Soak Tank has a 2,000 lb. capacity. Each unit has the ability to auto fill, rinse, drain, and neutralize, as well as an onboard filtration option.

For items that have fixed contamination levels that cannot be removed through standard methods, UniTech’s ChemClean process can remove millions of DPM from contaminated equipment. Ideal for tough-to-decon components, ChemClean accomplishes the difficult task of decontaminating components to achieve minimum detectable activity levels.

UniTech’s diverse arsenal of custom monitoring and decontamination methods assures all types of customer materials can be properly decontaminated and cost-effectively, reliably verified through our best-in-industry monitoring.