Need an easier solution for laundry collection and transportation? Maxi-Movers Laundry Carts are a viable solution for both.

Maxi-Movers Laundry Carts are ideal for distribution and collection of laundry for utilities looking for an alternative to laundry bags.

“A unique benefit of these carts is that they enable easy combination of rad and non-rad shipments, separated by a simple barrier, reducing dedicated shipment transport costs,” said Technical Accounts Manager Denise Arlen. “They’re also much easier and safer to mobilize than laundry bags or other cumbersome containers.”

Maxi-Movers Laundry Carts are available in a variety of configurations, and can also be custom-labeled and color-coded for each power plant within a fleet. Fire-retardant options are available, too.

“Not all plants realize the flexibility these carts offer,” said Arlen. “Everybody does things differently, but these are a great option that can save on transportation costs and lead to significant savings when implemented fleet-wide.”

To learn more about Maxi-Movers Laundry Carts and their various configurations, contact your UniTech sales representative.