Fulfills Final Step to Materials Processing and Waste Management System

UniTech Services Group has acquired Babcock Services, Inc’s Oak Ridge, TN service center waste processing operations and IceSolve, LLC, its industrial cleaning and remediation service. The service center will now be called UniTech Oak Ridge Service Center (ORSC).

Our nuclear industry customers face unprecedented pressures to reduce costs. UniTech’s acquisition of ORSC allows UniTech to combine its own expertise and techniques for radiological monitoring and decon with its newly acquired ability to provide licensed BSFR disposal at reduced rates. Radioactive waste disposal is a costly service for our customers, at a time when plants may have limited or no budget for post-outage management of potentially contaminated materials.

By acquiring ORSC, UniTech has added the final key step to its materials processing and waste management system. UniTech’s regional facilities can now accept tools, equipment and other materials from customers, then monitor, decontaminate, and, as needed, ship contaminated materials to the newly acquired Oak Ridge facility for final disposition. UniTech customers have the assurance of a turnkey process, along with financial savings.

According to UniTech Vice President George Bakevich, “Cleaning and recycling of tools and equipment are more important than ever, as nuclear facilities seek every possible cost reduction and also work to achieve top-quartile regulatory ratings. By combining UniTech’s monitoring and decontamination with cost-efficient, licensed radioactive waste disposal, we will address a critical need in our industry. With the unrelenting cost pressures facing nuclear facilities, UniTech is committed to assuring that this new facility provides significant savings and regulatory compliance advantages for our customers.”

Today, more than 20 power plants trust UniTech to complete onsite labor during their outages. Our workers can pick up the DAW waste for segregation and sorting while at the customer’s facility for outage work. The Oak Ridge facility can provide sorting and analysis of DAW, metals, wood, and OREX products, as well as in-house decontamination, recycling, free release of eligible materials, and materials transportation.

For customers who worked with Babcock Services prior to the acquisition, the new relationship offers the opportunity to augment their programs with protective apparel, laundry, labor, and a broad range of products and services that cut costs and improve safety and regulatory readiness. UniTech’s Oak Ridge Service Center is retaining the existing expert professional team, with its decades of experience in radiological waste processing. Key UniTech staff will work closely with the Oak Ridge team to assure that the operations efficiently integrate their signature programs and optimize the benefits of the new acquisition.

We are excited to offer our valued customers a cost-effective, streamlined material handling process to meet their radiological waste needs.

UniTech’s expanded services as the result of the acquisition include:

  • Tool & Metal Decontamination
  • Lead Blankets
  • Frac Tanks
  • HEPA Maintenance
  • Motors
  • Equipment Inventory Management