UniTech Europe will hold its 13th annual International Workshop October 11-12 in Braunshweig, Germany. This year’s theme is Decontamination: improvement in procedures through innovation in protective equipment. In addition to presentations and practical workshops, the event will include technical tours of the Mine of Asse in Remligen and Mine of Konrad in Salzgitter. Each year, the International Workshop is attended by nuclear industry professionals from around Europe.

Practical workshops and training:

  • Emergency Air Supply: Demonstration and Practical Application
  • Time Savings and Efficiencies for Dressout Areas
  • DeconGel™: Applications and Results


  • CE Certification 1073-1 and 1073-2: Test Procedure and Applications, Welding and Arc Protection, New Certifications
  • Recycling of Lead Blankets and more