In May, UniTech acquired three Tennessee nuclear service providers: BES Technologies, LLC; Smoky Mountain Solutions; and Omega Waste Logistics (OWL).

The acquisitions further extend UniTech’s commitment to turnkey nuclear waste processing services. Expanded commitment began when UniTech acquired Babcock Services’ Oak Ridge Service Center in June 2016. Purchase of OWL also sharpens UniTech’s focus on serving the Department of Energy’s waste processing needs.

“We will continue to expand our waste management services. It’s an opportunity for us to meet a critical industry need. Utilities need a new waste management solution, and what we offer reduces their burden and saves significant cost. By choosing this solution, utilities also uphold stringent safety standards and increase recycling,” said UniTech Project Manager Jeff Wilson. “It’s a service designed to help utilities fulfill the industry initiative of Delivering the Nuclear Promise.”

UniTech is currently vetting options for developing and opening a larger, new waste management facility in Tennessee, with plans to provide customers further updates on this process in the near future.