Maximizing its expertise serving the European nuclear industry and its strategic partnership with 3M, UniTech has developed the Neptune Suit, a positive pressure personnel suit (PPPS) that cuts customers costs in half. Neptune Suit is a lightweight, waterproof suit made of comfortable polyurethane coated nylon fabric ideal for highly contaminated and damp areas. A complete Neptune Suit kit includes the following:

Neptune Suit


3M Waterproof Hood


3M Head Suspension


3M Versaflo Waterproof Cover


The Neptune Suit features significant advantages over traditional PPS models. It has no expiration date, and can be laundered multiple times. Customers have flexibility to use the Neptune Suit with or without supplied air. It also features a vortex cooler, which lowers incoming air temperature for ultimate worker comfort. Need reduced lead time for resupply of your PPPS? Need to standardize usage across your entire fleet? You need UniTech’s Neptune Suit.

Neptune Suits were successfully introduced and implemented at Exelon Lasalle’s refueling and maintenance outage in February. To learn more about incorporating Neptune Suit into your protective clothing program, contact your UniTech account representative or call Director of Sales and Marketing Gregg Johnstone at 413-543-6911 x146.