Company assumes added responsibility for exporting, servicing materials

UniTech Services Canada Ltd. has obtained a Waste Nuclear Substance License, which allows it to better support its Canadian customers. Often, customers have materials that require decontamination or demobilization but don’t have, or choose not to use, their export licenses.

With this license, UniTech can take title of these materials as desired. Then, under its own name (and hence its own responsibility, rather than the customer’s) UniTech can export these materials to its United States decontamination facilities and do the work required on them. Once the decontamination or demobilization work is completed, UniTech can, as needed, return the materials to the customers.

Kent Anderson, Radiation Safety Officer and Director of Canadian Operations for UniTech says, “We worked hard to get this license. We know that our customers are more comfortable having UniTech take full responsibility for the movement and care of these contaminated materials, including transport and border crossing, and provision of services in the United States where appropriate. With this license, our customers are released from the burden of legal responsibility for exporting these materials, and for any transport liability while the materials are in UniTech’s care or when they are recycled after treatment. This is the right way to manage such materials.”