UniTech Staff Updates: Strategic New Hires 1

Terri Danahy

UniTech Canada added to its team in October, hiring Terri Danahy for the role of Technical Accounts/Project Manager. Terri will contribute to UniTech’s Canadian division through project oversight, support to nuclear facilities and support to UniTech’s on-site teams.

Terri brings a unique blend of nuclear industry and apparel management experience that will serve her well in her new role. She most recently held the title of communications manager, handling corporate relations, new product development and new business development communications for companies in the nuclear industry, among others. In this role, Terri collaborated with UniTech Canada on various projects.

Earlier in her career, Terri spent over 20 years directing apparel purchasing and management in the fashion industry. Terri is excited to work on new business and new product development for UniTech Canada. She looks forward to bringing a customer-focused and cost-efficient approach to the team.

“The whole team has been extremely welcoming,” said Terri. “It’s clear that the team cares about its customers, and I’m really happy to be a part of it.”

UniTech Staff Updates: Strategic New Hires 2

Jennifer Drane

Jennifer Drane has joined the UniTech corporate office in the role of Accounts Receivable Assistant. She works closely with plant managers, sales representatives and UniTech customers to ensure seamless, accurate invoicing and bill processing. Jennifer has a Bachelor’s degree in education and brings many years of customer service management experience in other industries to the accounts receivable team.

“There’s always great energy in our office. It’s an enjoyable environment to come to every day, and I’m excited to be part of the team,” said Jennifer.