Game-Changing Wearable Technology for Heat Stress

Working in hot and confined environments can create heat stress, a dangerous condition that can cause slowed reaction times, reduced energy and attention difficulties. Heat stress reduces safety, efficiency and productivity.

Now, UniTech’s NuCool Vest provides a natural, comfortable solution to heat stress. Manufactured from CoolTech material with MCS Adaptive Technology, our vest lets the wearer maintain a comfortable temperature in even the most extreme heated work environments. Thanks to patented renewable phase change cooling technology, NuCool Vest remains thermally stable at 59 degrees F (15 degrees C) for up to 2.5 hours in 100 °F (38 °C).

NuCool Vest Technology and Benefits:

Phase Change Material (PCM): The term “Phase Change Material” (PCM) refers to phase changes (solidify, liquefy, evaporate, or condense). In this case, phase changes are employed to absorb or release large amounts of latent heat at relatively constant temperature. Phase change materials help maintain a product’s temperature for extended periods of time.

The only “green cooling vest” on the market: We go one better. Our Renewable Phase Change Material (RPCM) is made from high-technology processed fats and oils. It is classified as “food grade” by the FDA, and carries the USDA’s official BioPreferred Certification. All other PCM cooling vests use petroleum byproducts, which contain hazardous chemicals.

Convenient and long lasting: NuCool Vest recharges in about 20 minutes in ice water and is portable and unpowered (no hoses, tubes, or tethers). Plus, NuCool Vest packs have been recharged 10,000 times in our lab with no measurable change in performance.

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