Breathe Easy

Continuing our partnership with 3M™ to provide the ideal supplied air respiratory systems for the nuclear facility environment, UniTech announces the availability of 3M™ Versaflo™ AP-600 Series Air Filtration Panels (AFP). AP-600 controls the pressure of the air delivered to a supplied air respirator and helps remove contaminants from compressed air. It features an air pressure regulator and gauge, provides 100CFM/2830 lpm capacity, and is light, portable and easy to maintain. The AP-600 enhances the usefulness of the 3M Versaflo Supplied Air Respirator Systems by eliminating atmospheric contaminants, compressor contaminants, air distribution piping foreign substances, and gases and vapors introduced by piping leaks.


Utilities Service Alliance (USA) Awards UniTech for Developing USA’s Company Store

UniTech put its e-commerce skills to work, assisting in setting up the Utilities Service Alliance online “Company Store” at Check out the great clothing and accessories! UniTech partners with USA not only in this effort but also as a key featured supplier of nuclear protective clothing and accessories for nuclear facilities. Utilities Service Alliance provides a business platform for its members to collaborate in plant performance and economic benefit initiatives.